The Royal family is taking about mental health and it’s amazing.

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with prince Harry have been having their say in mental health and its importance through the Heads Together initiative. This generation of the Royal family has taken great responsibility for who they are, how well-known they are, how much people respect that and used it for the good of all people. Recently, they have started talking about how important is mental health, how important an honest conversation can be, how one should never try to hide or compress pain and anxiety.

I wouldn’t be writing this, if I didn’t care about it myself. I strongly believe that every single one of us has some issues. The thing is, that while some choose to talk it out, others hide it and run away from those problems. I have been there too. I have experienced a period of my life when certain things happened that i wouldn’t want to talk about to anyone. Eventually, I’d feel sad and lonely, in a way, and I wouldn’t see the beautiful things around me, it was just a very dark place I was in. But one day I realised that enough is enough and I am not suffering this anymore. I started talking things out, not keeping them within myself.

All it took was a talk with one of my absolute best friends. A time comes when you just have to trust them. A time comes when your friend knows you well enough to make you understand that they will get you, they will have your back no matter what. And that evokes this reaction in them to open up as well. I know to some people talking about certain things, making yourself vulnerable is very, very difficult. And as I said, I was there too at some point. But when you start having these conversations, it makes you feel so much better. Anxiety and emotional pain truly does halve when shared. Talking about your wounds will make you realise that it’s absolutely natural, especially in a society where world on instagram and facebook is nothing but perfect. That is how you get yourself to a point of being comfortable with your insecurities and accepting them – accepting your pain and suffering caused by the things you’ve been through.

Heads Together offers a great variety of support. And if you do not feel comfortable sharing your pain with your friends or family, maybe you’ll feel less so talking to a stranger. There are a lot of helplines and online chats where you can get help and, despite some crazy stigma, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Your mental health is important and should be taken care of. If you wake up in the morning feeling anxious and depressed, remember that doing nothing and running away from your feelings is a choice. And you can choose to help yourself.


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