Is university necessary?

Yes, I am back! After more than a month of silence, there is a post on shoeonthemoon! The person responsible for this post shall remain unnamed, but it was a post on facebook that inspired me to express my opinion on this particular matter.

There are a LOT of opinions on whether university is really the best choice for a high school graduate. Some say college is where you get the practical knowledge and university just wastes your time on useless stuff. Some say there is no need to attend any higher education at all and relying on your instincts and skills is the way to go. Some say there is no other place like uni.

I would personally agree with that last opinion. Even though there are a lot of things that are wrong with unis and the system, bloody hell, I have complained here loads about it; they cost a lot, sometimes it seems like the subjects you’re learning have absolutely nothing to do with your specialty, some lecturers can be completely nuts, the diploma may be useless and such… And yet, nothing quite compares to uni. It’s not about the diploma – it’s about the experience, the things you go through, the skills you learn there and the people you meet.

Yes, the diploma might be useless in some cases, but imagine you’re the employer. You have 10 candidates to choose from. You know that 5 of them have a diploma from uni. Which means they have gone through the system of uni – they have managed to get all the credits needed, do all the works and get the diploma, which means they can focus and get things done and still find time for social life, volunteering, working and every other thing you see on their CV. So, who are you going to hire? Remember – you don’t have the time to look into every person, analyse their skills and see who they are as people – you’re a businessman, you have no time for that and probably not much interest either. You need to pick a candidate that’s best for you in the tiniest amount of time possible. So you immediately cut the number in half by eliminating those with no degree. Then you might see how well they do in interviews, what other experiences they have and so on, but that cutting in half already made your choice, as an employer, much easier.

Let’s focus on another thing – universities are the best place for businesses to find young, motivated and knowledgeable interns. And that, dear reader, is how you get experience. That is the solution to the ‘they don’t hire without experience and I can’t get experience without being hired’ problem. Yes, you might not get paid during the internship, but that is your investment into your own future. And the chances are, if you do well, the company will want to keep you as an employee.

It’s the best place to grow your personality. Yes, we all know that a high school graduate should be a responsible adult, but the truth is very far from that. And uni is where you start to grow independent. Going through university also means gradually becoming more responsible for your future, a.k.a. growing into a proper adult. Some people do actually leave school being very mature, independent and all, but starting living your life on your own doesn’t have to be a full-on 360° shock. Gradually becoming more independent throughout those years in uni, growing more mature as a human, experiencing different situations is what will get you a much better foundation for your authentic future self.

You won’t find people like this anywhere else. *Shoutout to all of the lawyers reading this* As one of my mates says, ‘uni friends are for life’. Some of the people from school will probably stay your friends throughout your whole life, but uni friends, especially the ones from the same field, they already have a mutual interest, they have similar ideas, dreams and wishes, they will probably be working in the same field, they are your future colleagues, they are the ones who will come to help no matter what. Especially if you happen to get as lucky as I did with your coursemates, get to join an awesome students organisation or just find someone who really gets you, those years in uni will be an awesome experience and you’ll never regret going there.

I understand that some people might be having hard time in uni, some people might be too mature for uni, some people might have a whole different vision and they don’t need any further education to have a good life. That’s great, but those are exceptions. I, by all means, do not regret my decision to go to uni. I might have doubts sometimes about my choice of specialty, but I know that if it was something else, not law, I wouldn’t have met the awesome people I have met and I wouldn’t feel at home. One of my lecturers in an informal environment said, ‘your student self is your best self’. And one of my mates from a whole other uni and a whole different specialty has told me that they have people studying whatever majors just so they can be in student society and student associations. I think that says enough on why I believe uni to be crucial in developing a fully mature member of society.

As always, by no means is this writing meant to insult anyone, it’s just my personal opinion, based on my experieces and those of people close to me.


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