Love and romcoms.

I must say, I love movies very much. Actually, I love them enough that at some point I had created a movie addicts union, but that’s all history today. And yet, this passion never went away. I still love them. But never in my life did I like romantic movies. Never. And since today they’re showing quite a few of romantic comedies on telly and there’s no way for me to escape every single one, I thought I’d remind myself and share with you some of the reasons why I hate romcoms.

  • They portray some sort of not really fantasy, but still impossible world. And thus they make people think that those stories could happen in real life. And yet, it never happens. Nothing is that perfect. Universe is rarely that brilliant.
  • Every story could be a fairytale and every story could be a thriller. It all depends on when you stop telling it. Every love story could go on to become perfect material for a Stephen King book, but if you finish it before shit hits the fan, you have yourself a romcom.
  • Also, no person on this planet is truly altruistic, so what kind of unconditional love are we talking about? Seriously we’re only with the people that we are with because we benefit from that in one way or another. Yet, romcoms make it seem like it’s not the case. It’s literally like photoshop. We’re angry about them portraying the way people look in an unnatural way, but we’re all perfectly fine with having this unreal idea of true love in the air?

I sound like a 13-year-old girl, who just had her heart broken, don’t I? But, honestly, having watched a couple of romcoms in the past month, I got really mad about them portraying some fantasy world in them!


7 Replies to “Love and romcoms.”

  1. Hi
    I’m with you give me a thriller or comedy any day.
    The romcom doesn’t ring true to me if I was a love sick 15 year old maybe. I watched the Twlight series laughing out loud at times😄

    Though life is hard so perhaps some sticky candy floss romcoms are ok once in a while?

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  2. Rom coms and rom melos belong to the same class of cultural expression that we find in Shakespearean poems, plays, and in classical and modern ballet and musi., it is found in paintings and all forms of literature since the dawn of humanity. It was expressed in rock paintings prehistorically and will go on being expressed in all forms of culture whilever relations between people are the bedrock of our lives. The point I’m making is that the films you are objecting to are in fact mirrors of life that include the factual and fantasy aspects of this weird thing call loving. Some are done well, others not. You have every right to categorically denounce but that may cut you off from some profound reflections about living in the real world. Give them time.

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    1. Wow, that’s some proper commenting 😄
      I know it is, all I’m saying is that I personally find it to be a bit too much and some reasoning behind that. Also, isn’t it weird how we’re all obeying to this idea of romance that’s being portrayed in these works and how it’s kind of setting the standarts? I’m just saying that they might be setting a way of acting for future generations and maybe that’s why little girls, that are a bit more tomboys don’t feel as feminine and have this idea of meeting Prince Charming and then when they don’t, we don’t know how that affects them. Maybe that’s why we got the idea of ‘All men being the same’ and ‘All men being pigs’? Because they simply didn’t fit the image of that ideal that was portrayed in art at some point or another? I’m not saying that everything that was created with a side of romance is worthless or bad or anything like that, I’m saying that it might be having bigger influences on our lives and especially children than we think and they might be a bit off with the current ideas that society is expressing and thus might be needing a little variation today.
      Anyhow, I didn’t mean this to be as serious a talk, was more of a random thought. Yet, I appreciate your input dearly.

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      1. Nice to hear from you after such a long year. You were so helpful when I was launching my cinemusefilms site and the movie addicts union idea was great. Clearly you are over-brimming with ideas, thoughts, and feelings that are going to lead you somewhere interesting in life.

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  3. 😦 I’m so sorry you don’t like Romcoms. Interesting is that you dislike them for the very reason I like them – they give me some escapism where I can just enjoy the light, fluffy feelgood romance (knowing perfectly well it is “only a movie”). For me, that’s what these movies are about – the uplifting element. Life is so full of problems that every now and then it is nice to be removed from them.

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