The sad truth about blogging today

Have you heard of all those ‘you’ll be making money from blogging if you really enjoy it and love it’ posts and phrases? Absolute bullshit, I’ll tell you. Only very few people get that lucky. And there’s a proper reason why.

You see, deciding to make money from your blog is a lot like recruiting your child to work. You know it’s going to ruin them, it’s going to change everything. When your child starts being your employee, you don’t look at them the same anymore, you see the person who has to stand for themselves, who is responsible for himself. Same goes for your blog. Most of the people in wordpress comunity and honestly, any other blogging domain are very creative people. Everyone wants their blogs to be new, unique and basically a bomb, in other words, creative. But when you decide to make money from your blog, you become an entrepreneur. Having studied this for half a semester, I know you need some creativity in that, of course. There’s nothing you can do without it, but you also need a lot of critical thinking, everything you say or do on your blog from the second you stop being an artist and start being entrepreneur has one purpose only – to make money.

Since every one of us has to pay bills somehow and I am planning to quit my job, I thought I’d look into how people make money from blogging. And I realised that’s where all the ‘how to do this like a boss’ and ‘3 things this famous person sells that you gotta have’ come in to play. You know what I’m talking about, the articles that say nothing new and are there just to be there, no particular reason, no message, no actual help. Just some general stuff. That’s because all these [I don’t even want to call them bloggers] only produce articles to have traffic, to have someone buy their products, see their ads and such.

All I wanted to say was, guys, since most of you, who see this, are active bloggers too, don’t give into this, don’t become entrepreneurs, who only seek money. Stay artists or social entrepreneurs. Stay unique, stay creative. Keep blogging the extraordinary thing it’s originally been.


4 Replies to “The sad truth about blogging today”

  1. You are absolutely correct about this; its a miniscule percentage of bloggers who succeed in making any money from blogging. And once you try, you change the fundamentals of blogging as a way of sharing ideas. Capitalism has its limits. Good to read your thoughts.

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  2. How true 😉 once you add price tags to things- suddenly the art of writing becomes a lost form. In the midst of deadlines and meeting targets- it will be no longer enjoyable. Write for no other reason than self gratification not validation 😉

    On that note, I nominated you for the 3 Quotes for 3 Days Challenge😉

    Challenge details are at


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