Random thought – open your eyes to things you don’t like.

Isn’t it odd how sometimes you think some things are really bad, but after some time you realise they have their own charm?

Exact same thing happened to me. For a while I’ve been into worldwide culture only. I didn’t like most of the things they showed on telly, I hated lithuanian shows and I certainly preferred youtubers of other nations, rather than my own.

But this year something changed. Having had much more opportunities to meet new and exciting people I realised how awesome we are. How great our language is. How incredible lithuanian movies can be and the humour in them is so very unique! They combine worldwide jokes with our own slang, our own anecdotes and the result is… well, masmerising. It’s so bad it’s good.

So, all in all, sometimes you have to try something you thought you hated only to appreciate how interesting and intriquite it actually is.


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