What life of a student actually looks like.

Right, I can officially say I’m a proper student now. Having had my first midterms, I’m feeling quite confident. Which is kind of odd, because everyone have been scaring me about how difficult the life of a student is. I can assure you – they’re screwing with you. Life in uni isn’t any more difficult than life in high school. I feel way less tired just because the schedule is less intense, I have lectures throughout the whole day and I love it! You see, I love me some food. I’m ridiculously angry when I’m hungry and I can’t even focus that well. Thus, being able to go home for 3 hours and have a proper meal in the middle of the day is an absolute blessing for me.

Of course, the tests I have are much more important now that I’m a student, but I wouldn’t say they’re much more difficult. They truly aren’t. It’s just that the result is a tad more important to my future,my overall result and such. But for someone who’s been okay with the academic perfomances, I’d say I’m doing fine.

So yeah, despite some days when I have to wake up at 6am after coming home from work at 11pm, life has been much easier in uni. Of course, it’s only my first year, but trust me, this type of life really isn’t as bad as some people say!


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