Creativity, happiness and theories.

I’ve realised that, oddly enough, I create the best pieces when I’m in sorrow, when I’m sad. One of my teachers used to say that happy people are boring people, because all of their happiness is the same : a good financial status, good name in society, great job and a satisfying relationship. On the other hand, every sad person is different. They’re sad for different reasons, they have stories to tell and you want to hear those stories.

So, basically, where I’m going is that when you’re happy the things you create are like your mood. They’re good, they make people happy, but they’re not interesting, not unique, not eexceptional. In other words, they aren’t truly ary. And though it might seem like they are unique and extraordinary, once you’re in the ‘sorrow mode’ again, you realise the truth. 

‘So, you’re in the sorrow mode and you’re having yet another realisation streak’, you’ll say. And no, I’m not. I’m really quite happy. I’m just writing down ideas that some people might find interesting or thought-provoking. Now the question is, is this post truly lame, am I fooling myself into being happy or is this whole theory utter bullshit?..


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