Fifty things to do to make one happy.

First of all, thank you to The Daily Post and their Daily Prompt: Fifty for inspiration.

Now, if you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I’ve been working. Working hard that is. But now I’ve finally gotten some proper days off and I’m here to make them count! Thus, this is my list of both big and small things to do that would make you happy and satisfied with your day.

  1. Go on a roadtrip. Gather a couple of friends, take a car and go somewhere for a day or two. What could be more fun than having your friends around and visiting new places at the same time? On the other hand, if you don’t have a car, driving license or the money to go somewhere, check out my next offer.
  2. Visit a new place. Now I’m not talking about going to a museum (though you can surely do that too). Grab a friend, take a bus or a train and visit a city you’ve never been to. It’ll be a great new experience for you, plus ridiculously cheap, especially if you bring some food with you.
  3. Have a long walk around the city you live in. Take some snacks, water, a pal or some great music and explore the area 5-10 km around your home. I’m sure you’ll be surprised by some of the places you have nearby everyday.
  4. Visit your relatives. Never forget the people whom you’re bonded with by blood. However shameful and embarrassing some family reunions might be, they are the ones who are sure to help you whatever trouble you’re in. So it might actually be really good not only to fix your relationship with them but also ask for any advice you may need.
  5. Meet up with a friend. While relatives usually feel obliged to help you, friends are the ones who surely do it just because they like you. So don’t let that friendship fade and meet up with the pals you haven’t seen in a while!
  6. Watch a movie. The one you always wanted to watch but never came to do so. Maybe because it’s not considered ‘cool’ or maybe because it’s pretty old by now. Today is the time to finally get that off your chest, to finally see what all that’s about.
  7. Read a book. This one is pretty obvious, but I don’t want you to start reading a GoT-length book that you may or may not finish by the end of next year, just take a small little novel, finish it and have a little think about it. It can be surprisingly nice to do this once in a while.
  8. Re-watch some moments from Rio Olympics. I’m sure they’re all up on YouTube. Watch the ones where your countryman or countrywoman wins a medal. Let all that patriotism sink in.
  9. Pour yourself a glass of wine, get some Camembert and watch or read whatever truly brings you joy. Even if it’s your fifth time watching/reading it.
  10. Find some new music. Try scrolling through New Releases chart in Spotify or find a new station that absolutely rocks!
  11. Play a board game. When’s the last time you did that? Seriously, we forget these little gems far too often. A good old Monopoly session with your friends and family can be truly great!
  12. Get sentimental about the times when you weren’t even born. Listen to some 60s music, watch an old documentary or read about something like the good old days when racing was nothing but racing and a car crash would mean death 80 per cent of the time.
  13. Talk to a stranger. You might just say hi or talk for hours but it will surely make your day that little bit more special.
  14. Renew your room/house. It doesn’t have to be as grandiose as changing floors or replacing all the furniture. Sometimes a new set of hooks in kitchen, new handles for you work table or moving your furniture around just a little bit can make everything feel just as new.
  15. Change some decor around your place. This can do wonders too. Throwing away some things and buying a couple of new ones might bring a whole new feel to your living place.
  16. Do a general cleaning day. Throw away all the papers you won’t need anyway, give away the clothes you’ll never wear and you’ll be surprised by how much more space you’ll have.
  17. Try some new foods. You know those things people usually talk about and it feels pretty casual but you’ve never actually tried them? Go ahead and do so today!
  18. Find a new shop or online store. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the next Zara?
  19. DIY something. You know all those things you liked on Pinterest but never actually tried? Well, do so today. You might throw it away a month later, but at least you’ll know you tried it.
  20. Find a new show. The one that you could binge-watch on your free days and all night long if you’re really hooked.
  21. Try a new recipe. For instance, cook something The Fabulous Baker Brothers are offering. It might be simple like a classic loaf of bread or something as extraordinary as beer pizza with flowers on top. It’s your choice!
  22. Look through your finances. It might not be the most fun thing in the world, but you know you have to do it and you’ve postponed it long enough. Also, maybe you’ll find just enough to buy that one thing you’ve been wanting for so long!
  23. Find the next big app. Scroll through your App Store or Google Play and you’re sure to find something new and exciting!
  24. Find a new blogger/vlogger to follow. I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve done that, but I can still remember the excitement and joy it brought me to read a new cool blog or watch a new, good and unknown youtuber!
  25. Sell all the electronics you don’t use. Not only you’ll get rid of the things you don’t need, you’ll make some money too!
  26. Review your style. Aren’t you staying in one stage for too long? Is there only one type/colour of clothing in your wardrobe? Maybe it’s about time you changed it up a bit?
  27. Take up a new skill. Start brewing different new teas with spices, cooking something, fixing or whatever you feel you might like. If you’re unsure, check out the skill list from The Sims. It might be a children’s video game, but it has some truly brilliant ideas.
  28. Meet your neighbours. If you don’t know them already, at least make/buy a few cupcakes and give them to your neighbours. It’ll be a nice gesture to the ones who live just beside you.
  29. Fix the little broken things. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a squeaky door, when it works properly, life will become much easier.
  30. Think about gifts. Starting to plan your Christmas or any other holiday gifts is never too early. Seriously, with all the people you know, I’m sure you’ve got a lot to go through.
  31. Have a really good nap. Have you been working really hard or feeling a bit ill lately? A proper nap could easily make your problems go away.
  32. Visit your doctor. How long ago was it that you visited your ophtalmologist? Or have you had any little aches in your teeth you should probably get checked? Now could be a great time to do that.
  33. Plan your next vacation. Would you like to visit some place? Well, the sooner you order your tickets, the cheaper they cost! Also, you would surely have time to save all the money you’d need.
  34. Find a side work. There’s a ridiculous amount of works that you can do if you have a lot of free time and could use a bit of money. Most of the stores usually offer a 4 days per month job, if you’re a student and a lot of beauty companies like Avon and Mary Kay can probably give you deals as well. All you need to do is a bit of research. Of course, you should only work if it’s all fully legal and is known to be safe.
  35. Visit your old hometown, old school or old workplace. Just come by, say hi, catch up with your old neighbours, teachers and co-workers.
  36. Learn a new language. Well, you don’t have to be fluent at it, but wouldn’t it be nice to switch the English ‘goodbye’ to a Russian ‘do svidanie’ or a French ‘a bientot’? Just learn some basic sentences and you’ll be sure to flaunt your new skills in front of everyone you know.
  37. Find out what all of the parts of your car do and learn how to fix them. Most mechanics would probably give you some general advice on that if you bought them a beer or a cup of coffee after work.
  38. If weather allows, grill something. There’s nothing on this Earth that tastes better than food that was grilled outside. Especially if you eat it outside too.
  39. Do a list of all those things you want to buy, but always forget when you go to a store.
  40. Look into what your next piece of technology might be. What brand would you like? Which parameters should it have? Or are you just sticking with whatever Apple releases next?
  41. Clean the windows and mirrors in your house. This little thing, usually forgotten, can make a quite a big change in what you see in the mirror and trough your windows.
  42. Message someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
  43. Do something creative. Paint, write an essay or a story or create a video. Do whatever feels right to you, just be creative. And don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfectly. After all, you’re not a professional.
  44. Start your own blog. You don’t have to write constantly and don’t think about building a big audience. A couple of people reading your posts is absolutely enough. Think of it as nothing but a nice little space to share your thoughts, ideas and complaints with someone.
  45. Find a new person online to talk to. Of course, don’t take their word for granted, there are a lot of catfishes out there, but sometimes it’s nice to talk about your life and problems to someone for just one day.
  46. Think of an idea and realise it. Maybe it’s a dress you designed that might easily be made by any tailor or a gadget that may be created by any mechanic.
  47. Mix your very own perfume. It’s amazing how easily you can get various bottled smells online and mix your own unique and absolutely one of a kind smell.
  48. Learn a new card game. Maybe you never knew how to play poker, blackjack or the game ‘durak'(russian for ‘fool’)? Gather a few of your friends, get a stack of cards, print out the rules and start playing!
  49. Take care of your plants. As someone whose plants ALWAYS die, I know you have to take care of them. Not only water them once in a while. Maybe it’s about time they were moved or fertilized? What better time to do it than today?
  50. Or you could always think of 50 things you do that make you happy. Actually, if you do, please link me back to it or let me know somehow. I’d love to read it!

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