How to survive summer.

With the hot days of summer starting to kill every European at the moment, I decided it was about time to share my all-time best tips on how to live through the heat. a.k.a., this blog is finally helping you with some practical advice! And as someone, who is known to have passed out several times throughout the hot days of the season, I believe, I’m entitled to help someone with what I know.

  1. Adapt. Don’t go for a full day in 30 centigrade weather instantly. I’ve noticed that my body needs to gradually adapt to the hot conditions, and the chances are – so does yours. Giving yourself time to adapt might make things a bit easier. Though, this works both ways. You can’t just spend a whole day out when it’s hot if you’re not prepared, but you shouldn’t be staying in the whole time either. The chances are, it will only get warmer as days go by, so letting your body get used to warmth is much easier if it’s still relatively cold. And thus, spending a bit time out now may help you when it’s worse. So, really, try to push your body towards functioning in warmer temperatures, but stay smart – if you feel like it’s too much for today, have a rest and always follow these next tips.
  2. Stay hydrated. Even if you’re in a formal environment, always carry around a small bottle of water and drink whenever you want to. Yes, I’m saying WANT because that’s when it’s needed. By the time you feel like you NEED it, it’s a bit late and you’ll probably experience some other unwanted things. Also, a great reminder – keep the bottle in the fridge for half an hour before you leave. This way you’ll have  a source of coldness for a while with you if you need it. And you probably will.
  3. Dress accordingly. Don’t wear black. Even if it looks great on you, remember that health is worth more than looks. So, wear those short shorts even if you hate your legs!
  4. If you’ve been in the sun for too long, a wet towel or any wet fabric really, is your best friend. This happened to me once when we were out with family by the beach and we didn’t even notice how 15-19 degrees in the morning moved up to almost 40 centigrade during the day. That morning we were sunbathing and by the time we got home, I was feeling horribly bad. I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t in pain or anything. I was just kind of weak and was just not feeling right. But then my parents put a wet towel on me and I rested in shade. Eventually, I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was all good. So, ever since that time I know that wet fabric does wonders when it comes to cooling oneself down.

These seem to be the most important ones I can remember and follow everyday, but if you know any more, that’s of help to you or anyone you know, share it and aid others to survive this horribly hot weather.



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