Have you ever noticed that optimists usually get things going more or less the way they want it to? Despite the fact that sometimes it might seem stupid or silly to some, they actually live happier lives than pessimists. But even if you’re naturally more prone to see the glass half-empty, here’s some things you can learn from an optimist.

  1.  You know how they say that if you prepare for the worst it’s only going to get better? Ye, that’s a lie. I mean, it works sometimes, but usually, one’s just more demoralised and demotivated to do something. The key here is to always have an open mind. Don’t expect things to go badly, but always be happy about what comes you way.
  2. See difficult days as challenges rather than periods of doing nothing. Just keep thinking – ‘I’ll get through this rough time and then it’ll be much better!’
  3. Find joy in the little things. This might not have all to do with being an optimist, but they are usually the ones, who notice the nice little gestures.
  4. Smile. This is truly the greatest power on Earth and you might not get a smile back from everybody, but it does spread quite widely. Even if it’s only after they’ve walked past you, the person is much more likely to smile after seeing you smile. That may be because your smile is contagious or maybe you just look like a plain idiot, but being the funny one is never a bad thing. That leads us to…
  5. People are always leaning towards humorous people just because they seem like a lot of fun. And being able to make fun of yourself has nothing to do with intellect. I know a load of people, who are just plain jokers, but when it comes to serious topics, you’d never find a better person to discuss it with.

So, yes, it might seem a bit one-sided of me, but I really do feel that people, who view the world more positively are generally more happy. Yes, they may have their breakdowns, but they’ll always get back up and find another reason to feel good about themselves. And yes, I truly believe that you should give it a proper shot. Not just a ‘oh, easy for you to say’ or ‘I’m already this awesome’. There are always bits and pieces of yourself you don’t like and that’s okay. And that being said, you don’t have to settle for ‘okay’


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