Alright, so I got my makeup professionally done yesterday. Okay, I was just a model for a student in a makeup class, but they’re pretty advanced and the lecturer controls them so you could say it was professional.

I mean, I get it, it was more of an evening look, but really, I looked like a drag queen. Don’t get me wrong, I loved everything separately – the eyes, the lips, the foundation, the brows. But when this all comes in one look, it’s not a good look. It’s just too much of everything. And the thing is that I get it – once you get creative, once you start, you want to do something more experimental, find something that Chanel and Gucci would use for their runway shows.

But at what point do you stop? When is it too much? We’re already changing people’s faces so much with makeup that we don’t recognise the people without it. We’re already addicted to it. Ask any girl, who constantly wears makeup, she’ll say it gives her confidence. But the thing is that it’s destroying our confidence so much that we can’t leave the house without looking on point. If you started wearing makeup to your school/work, there’s no going back. You can’t just show up with nothing on your face.

Going back to my personal experience, I had so much foundation on me, I needed to use around twenty cotton pads to clean it all up. And that wasn’t the most shocking thing, to be honest. It was the difference between my natural skin and the skin with foundation. I remember when blending in your foundation was the priority, the natural look was what you were going for, but the lady didn’t even blend it.

Actually, a caked layer of foundation makes your face look older as it accentuates every flaw – wrinkle (and I’m 18 here!), pimple or whatever it is.

And on that note, I’m finished with my little rant.

*goes back to doing her makeup*


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