I tried… A way of thinking about creative work.

So, if you’re a constant reader, you might be wondering where have I been… If not, then what the hell are you doing with your life? This is groundbreaking, must-know stuff!

Anyhow. Lately, I’ve not been entirely satisfied with my blog.

Perhaps it’s the layout?, I thought. I literally tried every single theme offered by wordpress. Couldn’t find anything better.

Well, maybe it’s the topics I write about? The only other sphere I could think about was fashion and style. Now, I tried pretty hard with this one. I wrote a whole post about summer essentials that pretty much every girl has, but could look very differently when paired with something unexpected or things that you could DIY. And I kind of liked it as well! But the post stayed in drafts folder. Just because I didn’t feel it. It didn’t reflect me at all. It was just a post about DIYs. Nothing special.

So then I realised the problem wasn’t the blog, my style of writing or anything like that. It’s just that I would often force myself to think of an idea. Any writer/blogger/creative worker knows that at the moment you face your blank canvas, all the thoughts magically disappear. All the witty phrases, every inspiring picture or newly found colours would fade away just because you have nothing in front of you.

What’s the solution to this then? It might seem obvious to some, but it might be working in bits. Start small. Create a few categories, start a few works and only write there when you truly feel like it. In some time, you should have a pretty interesting view with various different things that are all on the same topic. And whenever you feel like it, combine it into a coherent piece and you’ll have yourself something you actually love and are proud of.

The theory is still in testings, meaning that I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but I believe it’s worth a shot. Especially, if you feel stuck in your creative work.


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