Things I thought were cool as a child.

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. Doing something we think is so dope and then a few years later realising how bloody stupid it actually was. And so here’s a list of the most ridiculous stuff I remember that I thought were cool, but it really wasn’t.
● Going to sleep late. Now I’m not talking about doing this just because I’m working all night or something. No, it was staying up late doing random stuff like watching some stupid series I don’t even like or browsing some site. And it was thought to be awesome only because you’d feel like shit in the morning and could complain to everyone how bad a night you had. And then when someone would ask you when you went to sleep, 01:00 would magically turn into 02:00 or 03:00. Appparently, living healthy life and sleeping properly wasn’t a good thing in my head. #smart.

● Not wearing a jacket or coat ever since the temps hit 5°C. This was such an idiotic thing of us, but everyone would rather freeze to death than wear some proper outerwear in March or April. Actually, I see little kids doing so today! What is wrong with them? What was wrong with us?
● Being sick or ill. As far as we knew, the only way to avoid going to school was staying in when ill. Nobody knew you could just skip classes. Noone realised that when you skip classes you have to learn the thing at home and oh, the first day you come back, you’ll write tests in every subject. But none of that mattered as long as you got that day or two off.
● Not sleeping during the naptime in kindergarten. That was seriously thought to be a sign of a though and cool kid. Damn, I wish I could have a break in my day everyday now just to take a nap.
● Reaching high levels in games. Not just any games, we’d find a game, the whole class would get it and if someone got into really high levels, that would be awesome. Nobody cared that to get there the kid had no social life or sleep whatsoever, that was still cool.
● Taking your friend to the restroom with you. This only applied to girls, I believe, but the thing is that secret meet-ups in restrooms for gossiping where the highest form of showing trust to your girlfriend. We couldn’t just tell everyone whatever it was that we wanted to say or save it for later, no. We’d have to quit everything, go to the restroom and have a chat.


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