I’m a failure when it comes to baking.


You know how they say practice makes perfect or keep on trying and you’ll get there? Well, I think I’ve found a spot in my life where that simply doesn’t apply – baking.
The thing is, I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong. Whenever I follow a tutorial step by step I feel like they’re hiding something vital and as a result, my dessert looks horrible and tastes equally as bad.
Though I always have enormous amount of confidence and feel like this time it’s going to work out when… it turns out as every time. I mean, by now me and my sis name my cupcakes by ‘Mount Vesuvius’ a.k.a. the ones with filling bursting out, ‘Mount Nippulus’ the ones that have a weird nipple-shaped top and the occasional ‘Flat ass’ a.k.a. the regular-shaped cupcake. My apologies for not having any pictures on this, but I feel like you can imagine it pretty well.
So yes, you see I fail pretty horribly at baking.
Then why on Earth am I even trying? I blame no one else but Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss. He makes everything seem so easy! The thing is, as someone who did a bit of ceramics in school, I am alright with the decorations, but the basics! Damn, it’s frustrating!
Alright, I’m gonna go give it my last try

and maybe a couple more tries


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