What life of a music addict looks like.

Getting up : If you’re waken up by your alarm clock, the sound of it makes you sick and you f****** hate that thing. But if for some God forsaken reason you wake up a bit earlier, the music of your alarm will haunt you for the rest of the day. Just like tun-turun-tun-tun…
Breakfast : Let’s assume you had survived this far without having an earworm. You decide – hey, I should turn on telly and check out what happened during the night! Awful idea. They have a stupid tendency to add various music – starting with Frank Sinatra and ending with Avicii.. And you know what that means – you possibly singing something like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun all day long!
Getting calls : The sound your phone makes on this rare occasion is not just any noise – it’s a symphony! Whatever that may be, the vibrating phone sound, the ring of an old telephone, Nokia Tune or that song on top of MTV list, you’re sure to be rocking out to that until they’ve stopped calling and you have to call them back.
Watching movies : Most soundtracks are so great, there’s no way you can leave the cinema without singing or humming something.
Going to sleep : You lay down in bed and you try to fall asleep and then it hits you – that song you heard at the café today was really nice. At this point of course, you start singing it in your head, but then you remember – that one note sounds just like that other song that was on top list the summer five years ago… It’s a never ending story!

But then at least you’re rarely sad, ’cause you’ve got the greatest hits of all time right there in your head just sitting around, waiting to support you no matter what!


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