Cup of tea.TLC, summer, make-up and youtube.


I just noticed that the only type of tea I’ve been drinking for the last couple of years is black with occasional appearance of green! Damn…

Talking about addictions, there’s something wrong with my relationship with TLC. Seriously, I can’t stop watching it! The worst thing is that I know most of that stuff is bullshit, really. And yet, I’ve developed this habit of watching Love, Lust or Run in the evenings and I can’t remember my last weekend that I wouldn’t have watched Say Yes to the Dress on. Actually, the phrase ‘romantic, classy, sexy, but with an edge’ has become a mostly used saying in our house (in a satiric way, of course). Oh and that cake is awesome! Just saying. So, whowants to eat some cake?!

I don’t have any cake, sorry.

Also, what’s up with MTV? I haven’t seen this many summer songs on spring since when Blurred Lines was stuck in my head for half a year…

Talking about summer, I miss the sun. I can’t believe I’m saying this, since my health does not approve of hot weather. You know how on summer your hair becomes lighter? I miss that. And how you get tan even though you haven’t gone tanning? I miss that too. Being able to wear less clothes when layering’s an option, not a must do? Damn right, I miss that!

You know how sometimes you go through all of your stuff and you’re like ‘I have too many things. I’ll never be able to move…’ That’s the realisation I had with my make up, since I’m going to UK on summer. I don’t think I’ll be able to take all of that!

Talking about make up, I just released a new video on my channel, where I talk about the worst things about make up. Check it out here :


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