Best of February 2016.


Okay, I haven’t seen all the Oscars nominees and winners (I know, I’m terrible, right?) but I did see at least one of them and that’s The Danish Girl.

I have to say I only saw it because of Eddie Redmayne, but the costumes and overall style was simply brilliant! I truly fell in love with the colors, since they reminded me of Van Gogh paintings, which was actually an amazing link to the theme of the movie – art of 1920’s Europe. Some people say it wasn’t an accurate portrayal of the events, but I don’t believe that accuracy is the thing that directors wanted to achieve. To me it seemed like they were inspired by them and wanted to honor the people, rather than tell a lecture on history.

Also, I’ve been watching this great sitcom called Two Broke Girls. And it’s actually really good.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it, I’ve started my own youtube channel and it would mean the world to me if you checked it out 🙂



Utterly sorry, but besides this awesome blog, which you might already know actually, I’ve got nothing this month…


Since it usually takes me at least two weeks to get back to the working rhythm after a few days off, I’m more than happy that I managed to get back there in one week! Yes, that’s the best I can do 😀


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