It was by absolute accident that I saw this movie – Pompeii (2014). And yet, I don’t regret it. Here are some of my notes from that evening :

  • Kit Harington is too cute. Seriuosly. How on Earth?
  • The story’s very familiar. I never really researched it, but I remember reading a book by E. Bulwer-Lytton , The Last Days of Pompeii and the storyline was very very similar. ‘What the hell is wrong with you?’, you’ll say, ‘it’s the same bloody volcano, the same bloody city!’ But what I mean is that the gladiators, the love story, everything felt too similar. Maybe it’s a real story, I don’t know. Would I get that same feeling if I haven’t read the book? Probably, it’s not exceptional enough, not unique enough.
  • Okay, this is an odd one, but I noticed that there were probably more white gladiators in the movie. Now, I’m not being racist and I don’t know how or why it was this way, but given the fact that black people are usually stronger and have better stamina, I don’t get this at all.
  • The female role wasn’t really strong enough for me. It almost felt as if she was supposed to be a strong woman and yet, she’d always been a servant to be honest. But then again, maybe it’s the director’s way of showing the difference between a woman now and back in the day.
  • Also, it didn’t seem to me that the main actress was fulfilling her character completely.
  • That mother lady was the worst. If you hated Lori in The Walking Dead or Skyler in Breaking Bad, you’ll probably hate her as well – annoyingly influential. That’s what kind of character she is.
  • I still can’t remember where have I seen the bad guy…Oh, he played James Moriarty in RDJR’s Sherlock Holmes movie!
  • Talking about him, you’d think they would have made him more attractive and likable as a villain in a modern movie, but they didn’t. An unexpected twist here, to be completely honest.
  • It’s so crazy how the horses somehow stayed relatively calm. I mean, an average dog is terrified of fireworks and here go some pretty calm horses in the middle of an eruption with ground shaking underneath their hooves. Odd… I get it, the main character could get along with them and all, but DAMN! No friend could keep me calm if something like that was happening!


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