The ‘joy’ of looking for a job.

Have you ever noticed how similar the two words are? JOY? JOB? And yet, there’s no joy in searching for one. You know how they’re always in need of consultants in big stores? Well, not when I need one. Damn it, I’ve tried every clothes store close to me and yet, nothing seems to be going my way. 😡😡😡

Oh well, I guess the local grocery store it is then. Would be so ironic if they didn’t need any help either! But I mean, they always need help. Seriously, whenever I want to ask someone to help me there, everyone suddenly disappears… Must be dark magic! 😈 👻

Actually, the thing is that getting a part-time job is always somehow more difficult than a full-time one. Even with no experience…

However, that means I have a bit more time for everything else. And that includes the blog. Great news, ain’t it? no?



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