Friday Fuss : Valentine’s day.

I’m sure every single person ever will agree that couples are generally annoying. This however, is intensified on Valentine’s day. Here’s why we hate it so much.

The awful overload of pink and red everywhere. There’s something so frustrating about using that combination in every single place during the time. Stores? Yes. Press? Duh. Every commercial? Of course! Hearts and pink. Great idea.


The never ending posts on social media. Just stop with that! Seeing you two kiss is making me think you’re actually happy like that every day of the year and I should get in  a relationship as well. And we both know that’s not true. Just a bunch of drama or dullness and occasional happiness.


If you’re in a relationship, you have to think of something super romantic. Doesn’t matter that their birthday is a few days from now and you’ll have to plan something nice as well. Everything would be okay, but you know you have limit of romance and it’s not far. No matter the other pile of things you have to do.


Oh, and there’s the fact that we made a celebration out of death of a munk somehow…



One Reply to “Friday Fuss : Valentine’s day.”

  1. Did you know….a reliable source confirms that more couples break up on Valentine’s Day than any other day of the year? Who’d guess! So keep that in mind when you notice those sloppy kissers all over town.

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