Friday Fuss : planning.

If you’re a procrastinator, you know how difficult this can get. 😪 But planning your future. I mean, it’s kind of a must-do. So, as I’m planning to move out and start my own life during summer, I decided to start planning early. And it totally sucks. Seriously, finding info, finding jobs, finding place, deciding when should one apply for all of that… It’s kind of frustrating to be honest
I’m not even talking about planning daily stuff yet. The other day I decided to go to hair salon (without any reservations or anything) and cut my hair just because I had some free time! However, the other day I was going to the theatre. I started planning a week ago and had to have the rest of the day free.
So, basically, I’m really bad at this. I’m either over planning or doing things that I should have planned without doing that.
Yes. Maybe I shouldn’t be planning my summer yet..


One Reply to “Friday Fuss : planning.”

  1. Maybe let yourself be in the moment. In this moment everything is okay. You are breathing. you have food and shelter, maybe even a bit more. There is a Yiddish saying, “People plan; God laughs.” Relax, be gentle with yourself. Follow wherever your heart brings you. Everything is going to be okay.

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