007. Spectre

Okay, I’m going to seem now like an unpopular opinion puffin, let’s be real. Ever since I was a little girl, I’d always fall asleep during 007 movies. I’ve tried rewatching them, but I would still find myself waking up half an hour before the end and thinking ‘how the hell? Where is that from? Who skipped the movie?!’
However, I was determined, after missing pretty much all of the Skyfall, I didn’t give up and fully watched the new Bond movie Spectre. And it was awesome.
So, the first thing that caught my attention was Andrew Scott. One of my absolute favourite actors was in the movie and I didn’t even know.


The star of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ was just as spectacular as I was expecting! Actually, it felt like Moriarty switched the ‘M’ for the ‘C’ and decided to take over the MI6. And those associations in my mind just made the movie so much more unique!
I mean, I’m no actress myself so I can’t really say something like ‘oh, the acting was great’ or ‘it was absolute shit’, but if good acting = believable, then they certainly did a good job!
Another thing I liked a lot was the cars. That Aston Martin though…



However, there were a few things I was not too crazy about. First, how old was the blonde girl? Like 20? Early 20, I believe. And Bond is what? 40? I mean, is this a fanfiction of some sort? Yeah, that was… Odd..
Other than that, the movie was great. As I said, the only 007 movie that I actually watched from start to finish without falling asleep. I mean, that certainly says something, doesn’t it?
Now I’m kind of sad about it being possibly the last one..
Anyhow.. Totally worth watching, even if you haven’t really seen the previous James Bond movies.
Rating : 7/10

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