Tuesday Fuss : cats.

Yes, I finally dare to say that despite their incredible cuteness and awesomeness, owning a cat surely has its drawbacks…
They shed. I mean, everything is covered in cat hair. That new dress I just carried in my house? Yes, it’s all cat hair now. This sandwich I’m eating? Yes, that too. Okay, slight exaduration, but you getbthe idea.
Also, they bite you for no reason. Rubbing their belly? Suddenly a wild mouth appears ! Oh your hand is now bleeding? It’s alright, you can pet the cat now…
They puke. Seriously, this morning I woke up not to my alarm, but to the sound of my cat throwing up. Now that, my friend, sucks more than not having your cup of coffee on Monday morning! Not only will it wake you up at like 5 am, but you’ll also have to go clean the mess the cat made!
They have their favourites. If you’re not that person, don’t expect a cuddle every day or a nap with the cat, ’cause it’ll run away the second you stop holding or petting them!
Thinking about a walk outside with your pet? That’s totally not going to happen. Your best expectation could be a ‘stand outside’ while your cat eats this grass and smells all the dogs’ urine.
Going out? Not until you give the cat some food. It’s like the price you have to pay to open the door. They’ll be meowing louder than your mum when she’s angry. So, gotta give the food to your cat. Even if it just ate. Just do it. There’s no escape really.


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