Cup of tea. Modern family, university and holidays.

So this week my ‘cup of tea’ topic is partly dictated and suggested by the Daily Post’s prompt – Modern Families. They’re not so different from the old ones, you’ll say. Well, yesterday my mum’s partner’s mother moved in with us instead of his daughter, who lived here previously. Does that sound like anything you would have heard half a decade ago? Probably not on a daily basis, but that’s what it is now. And you know, there’s nothing too bad about it in its’ origin – people divorce, they move on, the kids grow up and stuff…

But you know, it’s simply ridiculous how we had to portray this perfect family to every person outside our household. And this used to happen when we were visiting someone or we had guests over, but now… oh lord, now we have to act 24/7! It’s gonna be awful.. You know, one of the worst things about her moving in is that now we can’t really have friends over like we used to.. It’s not that no one would let us or something, but you know how there are not so many friends, who’d feel comfortable telling all those stupid jokes or private stories around your family… At least I’ll probably be moving out soon myself.

Actually, while on this topic, I sent out my applications to all of the unis I’d like to attend… and they want me! I can’t believe, because at some point I was really devastated and thought that no university would take me in and stuff, but…yeah, I’m happy! It still feels a bit surreal, actually,  but now every decision I make is connected to the fact that in half a year I’m moving out to a whole another country with new culture and  everything! I have to admit, I get these ‘OMG, I might not succeed there’ and ‘what if I don’t get a job?!’ moments, but generally, what can go wrong? That’s a hypothetical question, no answer needed.. shut up, brain!

Talking about brain, today is the last day of holiday… Seriously, I don’t want to go back. But then again, every day passed means getting closer to starting uni and realizing my dream!
Actually, can you believe that a teacher gave us homework for the holidays? Like, when am I supposed to do that? While celebrating Christmas? Or the New Year? Oh, on that one week when you could finally get a break? Oh, alright, no rest needed for us then.. Got it..


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