Tuesday Fuss : dinners.

Food. Everyone loves it. Whether they admit it or try to hide the passion, everybody enjoys a great meal. However, there are so many things that can go wrong! Let’s talk a bit more specifically – dinner. Even if your breakfast and lunch aren’t special and you’re just snacking all day, you must eat dinner. With actual meals and plates and cutlery. That’s just to remind yourself and everyone around that you’re actually a civilised human being. And this is where the problems begin.

Deciding where to eat can be such a challenge! You have to consider everything – going out means getting dressed and looking appropriate. Besides, there are portions – you can’t just eat however much you want. Plus, it’s usually more pricy. And the second option would be to stay in and cook yourself. But this leads to quite a few other problems…
You need to think of what you’re going to cook – it shouldn’t be too hard to make, if you’re not used to cooking, and it can’t take long to cook – you’re hungry and now. Now, there’s one more thing – the products. You know all of those chefs on telly and online give you these ‘simple and easy’ recipes, but who the fuck has all those spices and exotic foods laying around the house?!


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