Let us wrap up the 2015, shall we?


2015. What a year it was!

First of all, despite my awful inconsistency, this blog was visited by almost 300 people this year and had more than 600 views! I know to some it doesn’t sound like a lot, but honestly, I didn’t think the numbers would be this high just because of my incredible inconsistency.

Most of them were from the US, so thank you, ‘Murica!!

//giphy.com/embed/RwI0oeZQAYDy8<p><a href=”http://giphy.com/gifs/brother-murica-loves-RwI0oeZQAYDy8″>via GIPHY</a></p>

Let’s go a bit deeper into what was happening at the time.

January. I was doing a lot of things. Blog was pushed away. I remember being busy with various projects at school. As well as being really into watching Doctor Who. I suppose that’s why the blog was … empty. Well, I was looking for the thing I’d like to write about. That’s when all of this happened.. Well, not all of it, but I gave my last go for writing a story.. I failed. Absolutely failed.

February. This is when I was a bit more free of all of the ‘work’ at school. And I started posting. Damn, I even started the blogging 101 course! Great experience it was… indeed..
Oh, this was also the month when I started my monthly favourites! I still actually like that idea a lot. Here’s my first favourites post.

March. Probably my busiest month regarding the blog. This was, of course, not for no reason. It was because this lovely lady nominated me for the Liebster award! Here’s what I wrote in answer to her questions. Not too bad, really. I like how I added bits of humour 😀 even when I wasn’t committed to writing ‘kind of funny’ posts. Wow.
This was also the month when I posted the most. Pretty much all of them being responses to Daily Post’s promts. I relied heavily on the Daily Post. People must have thought this is like a reaction to Daily Post blog 😀

April and May. This is when my enthusiasm for blogging started to fade and lasted up until December…
I remember I was once again LOADED with work at school. I was working on 3 projects at a time + homework and actually attending classes.

June, July, August. a.k.a. Summer. Despite not being busy throughout the months of summer, I was massively discouraged by the desert of posts in the past couple of months. And thus, even though I did manage to share my thoughts once in a while, it was quite occasional without any expectations, plans or schedules.
What is more, it was a summer of pessimism and time wasting. At the very start, I was really into everything – I actually had a job as a consultant in one make-up company and I utterly enjoyed it, but sadly, I failed to meet the required sums of money and it was becoming a waste of my time; I met a few great guys, but it never moved from the ‘meet and know more’ stage, really. So, the first half seemed promising, but nothing happened. Discouraged by the awful start, I decided to move on to something else. I started having a serious look into myself, my true self – what I want, when do I want it, why do I need it and so on.

September, October, November. The stage of experiment went on – I realised that as much as I love art, I cannot paint more than one painting a month. Actually, I found a whole new look at everything – I stopped trying to be ‘oh, so unique’ and ‘different’. I realised that everyone is unique and original in their own way. That might have tried a bit too hard to be that unique me and so I grew up. I seriously grew as a person – stopped judging people, stopped acting like I was unimportant or too important. I started being simple and stupid me and I love it!

December. As I’m finally quite happy with who I am, I started posting a lot more. I know that I need to improve, which aspects of my life I want to improve and this is when blogging starts being not only a way to express yourself, but also a way to reach out to people, to make them smile for a bit, to make their day just that tiny bit better when reading to me complain or whine about various things… I actually created a schedule, which I haven’t done previously for pretty much anything, but I love it! And here is when blogging 201 course came in very handy. You know, the first course was just me trying out various stuff, not really knowing what I want and when and how and why, but this… this was just in time and incredibly useful. It wasn’t something I didn’t know, rather common sense. But the things we usually forget about when creating and managing our blogs.


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