Tuesday Fuss : audiobooks.

We all want them in our lives – we want friends to consider us ‘educated’ and ‘cultured’. We all want to save time for those guilty pleasures no one knows about. We all know they’re a great substitute to actual reading. But what is more, we know the terrible stress they can cause.

First of all, the struggles while finding THE audio.

  • Finding a proper site to get the books from takes ages, especially if you want to find an audio in other language than English.
  • Finding an audiobook read by someone with a nice voice.
  • When the format is not supported by your device and you need to download an app to get an app to play the file.

Then, of course, the process itself…

  • When you want to listen to a play, but it’s just far too confusing…
  • They pronounce some words and names differently.
  • When the reader’s voice is too damn sexy and you can’t concentrate.
  • You don’t remember anything.
  • You can’t do anything, but cannot do nothing.
  • People think you’re crazy for listening to something and reacting to it like : ‘No! You can’t kill Jon!’ or ‘Just stop with your bullshit, I know you’ll kill him…’

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