Cup of tea. Worst Christmas, Grinch and pitiness.

So, hey, it was Christmas..

If was travelling time and landed today, I couldn’t tell that. It feels nothing like Christmas.
Seriously, this year I decided I’d stay at home and not go anywhere. Awful decision. Even though my dad visited, I didn’t do a lot. I actually decided to do my homework on Christmas day! Who the fuck does that? Though, I’ll admit, it somehow changed into watching Buzzfeed all evening…
However, I realised that I am more of an extrovert than introvert. Who would ever guess?! I even felt sick, since I had noone who’d like to talk to me, cause everyone was busy with the holiday stuff…
Actually, these sort of situations make you value the time with your relatives much more. Yes, even that annoying, slightly perverted uncle of yours or the crazy, cat-obsessed grandma!
Damn, I’m so pathetic! Believe me, I lit up all the Christmas lights, put some cinammon and ginger in my tea and all of that just to feel a bit more ‘Christmas-y’!
But hey, at least I now know how to spend your holiday the worst way possible and will never repeat that again! Yay! Something positive!
Also, I decided to watch the Grinch the other day. (Well, at least the second half) You may think I’m crazy or something, but I haven’t seen the movie since I was like 6 or so! And these are some ideas that crossed my mind :

1. Woah, there’s a lot of singing involved here!

2. Why didn’t I know there was a dog in this movie? Oh, his name is Max? That is so cute !!!

3. Wait, since when is Grinch this evil genius Shrek? I feel like I must have lived under a rock all these years… 😱

4. Woah, that hand is almost more elegant than Voldemort’s! 💅

5. Who is playing him? The guy must be a genius!

6. Oh, so the story isn’t on human world?! Mind = 🎆

7. This is actually funnier than I thought

8. I love Grinch. He’s like this weird version of Joker!

9. Them lashes tho!

10. The amount of people with rollers in their hair is too damn high!


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