Cup of Tea. Small shops, parenting and ouch!

It was a cold day, I was waiting for my bus. So it was only logical to get my tea at a local baker’s shop. You know, nothing too fancy, great price. Seems like a great decision, right? Not if you want a take away, that’s for sure.

So, I managed to get my hand burnt. All my thanks for that goes to this lady with a kid at the shop. Fucking kids. You’ve probably guessed – he spilled the hot tea on my hand! And didn’t even say sorry! That little prick… And his mother gave me the look as if it was my fault! If I wasn’t in a hurry, I would’ve said her a few words about how you should raise your fucking kids.

Who am I kidding? I would have said something like ‘look at what he did’ or ‘teach for kid some fucking manners’ and went away..

Moving on from negatives, who knew they had such pretty cups at small places like that? I mean, that is art! Much prettier than most cafe’s logos.. That’s really the best thing about little shops – they get really creative to compensate for the lack of money, don’t they? But it’s so nice to see something quite new, isn’t it? Oh, I remember I went to a tiny little flower store and it was just like the photos on Instagram – filled with flowers! In the most beautiful, well-composed and caring way possible, that is. Much more inspiring than those bigger stores where they put fifty vases in two lines and put some flowers in.

It didn’t really get too positive, did it? Well, I suppose that’s just the way I am.

Anyhow, I feel like I need to say where I’m going and why am I suffering all of this – to buy the Christmas gifts. As I’ve complained about it in my previous post, Holiday shopping is not one of my favourites and thus, I’ve tried to do it a few times earlier this month, but I couldn’t find anything nice. However, today I’ve said to myself – you go there and don’t come back until you have all of the presents, you moron!

Later : actually, that worked, I bought almost all of them, which doesn’t normally happen 😄

Okay, what is wrong with kids these days? Seriously! You can’t ride a bus without being stared at. Who on Earth even does that?? I am seriously concerned about this new generation…

This is supposed to be green tea! The calming one. Do I seem calm?? Maybe they were poisoning me? No, it’s probably because of that burn on my hand now…


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