Tuesday Fuss : holiday shopping.

It’s that time of the year again. Whether you love it or hate it, shopping for gifts can be such a nightmare!
First, there are the people whom you don’t really want to buy gifts to. What does one do? Waste money and buy something expensive or buy a gift card and get talked about as a cheap-arse egoist? Buy something everyone buys and is okay with or be original with the risk of going more wrong than it seemed possible? The dilemma never gets easier. Never ever. Seriously.😐
Then, of course, there are the relatives. Yes, you buy something nice for the closest, but what about the rest fifty? It would be rude not to give anything to the cousins. On the other hand, you never know if they’ll be giving anything to you and others. You don’t want to make them feel awkward at this point, but you’d seem like an arsehole if it was to be the other way round! So how does one decide?
And, of course, who could forget the colleagues? Should one buy gifts to everyone or just the very closest few? Should one spend loads of money on that? There might be someone getting far better gifts to everyone and then the hypothetical you will be miserable… in which case not buying anything (like the most) seems like a more attractive choice… but then again, you’re not going to stay okay just because none of the others want to take the risk of being more than average! Should one just bake some gingerbread cookies? But what about those new people? Are they intolerant to something in the cookies? How will you know without directly asking? Then, of course, everyone will know about the gifts…
But, hey, that’s what we get during the holiday season – stress and possible super-awkward situations.
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