Cup of tea. Weather, Christmas and Pinterest.

Today my tea is… I’m not really sure, actually. Some green winter-themed tea, that my mum got as a part of a present last year. Last year. Seriously, it was in this ornament type of packaging and she kept it for the whole year without drinking it! Now that I think about it, I hope tea doesn’t get old.. But it’s a dry product, they sure take their time before getting too old, don’t they?
Anyhow, so this particular tea has these nice little sugar snowflakes! Isn’t that cute? ^.^ Oh, it’s nothing special? You’ve seen it everywhere? Well, I haven’t… *sniff sniff*
But honestly, how sad it is there’s no snow yet? At least here in Eastern Europe we don’t… Usually by this time we’re playing Russians vs Germans, but not this year, we’re not… Actually, it’s been raining the other day! Will we ever get the snow? Will it be another showless Christmas? That doesn’t even sound like Christmas! Honestly, all the holiday decorations look as if it was summer and we, for some reason, decided it’s winter 😩 Feels… So… Wrong…
Okay, this is going pessimistically so far, let’s change it up, shall we?
On a brighter note, at least it isn’t too cold. I mean, there’s no need for winter shoes yet! Which is amazing, since they tend to be a lot more restricting than any other sort of shoe.
Also, this tea smells awesome, which oddly reminds me – I should really start buying gifts. Well, I already have a few (flawless planning, not really), but only 10 days left and that includes only one weekend! However, I have some great, but not expensive plans this year (includes quite a bit of candy). All thanks to Pinterest! Seriously, there are some pretty genius ideas, though one must siff out the over-ambitious ones, which can be pretty difficult. Oh, but some of my personal favourites for this holiday season include :

Anyhow, it seems like I’m finishing my cup of tea. Thus, au revoir 👋


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