Tuesday Fuss : non-greeters.

Being a basic-mannered person, I find greeting someone I know to be quite a natural thing

I mean I’m not always this nice, but when I say hello I expect at least a nod!

And oh, how much I hate when people ignore me! Honestly, if I manage to be nice and greet you, please be nice enough not to simply stare at me as if I’ve said a cussword or insulted you.

Seriously, that’s the exact look I got from one of the teachers after entering a class and saying hello! What’s wrong with hello? Or should I have said what a brilliantly wonderful day today, miss! This is not a dream, this is life! I’ve forced myself to get out of the bed, had an awful day and here you are, wanting me to be a prince of Disney!

And then they complain how we don’t have any manners.. Goddamn it, we try! And there they go, simply ignoring us… making us feel awkward by saying hello to the walls, apparently…


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