The emotional rollercoaster of IELTS.

3 months to exam
We’ll take it next month. Or the one after.

1 month to exam
*finally registers*
*finds a teacher to practise speakings with*
*does relatively good*

2 weeks to exam
I  know I’m alright, but I still should start doing some training…
*starts doing tests*
well, shit.
*crawls back to her cave to become better*

1 week to exam
I feel confident! I did so many tests, I am finally getting good at this!
*teacher gives another test book*
Fuck. I wasted so much of my time and achieved absolutely nothing!
*cries in spanish*

1 day to exam
*whines to everyone how hard she’s working and how IELTS is the most difficult exam ever*

Day of exam 1. Speaking
*leaves early as fuck*
*gets lost in the capital*
*finally gets to the hotel, where exam is held*
*drinks some tea*
*whines about how it costs 3 fucking euros*
*keeps drinking tea*
*does the test, gets to talk about planes, never been on a plane*
Thought I’d be so much better at that! I failed miserably…
*leaves the test room happy*
*calls mum*
Me : Mum, I failed badly, but I feel great that it’s finally done! Also, I got lost in the city.
Mum : … (probably thinking : what a moron have I raised?!)
*friend does her speaking, absolutely nails it*
Well, shit. She’s going to UK and I’m not.
*whines about it till gets home*

Day of exam 2. Every other part
I don’t even care anymore if I do good or bad!
*takes the exam*
Wow, that went better than I ever expected! I might be going there after all!
*brags to everyone about it*

2nd day after exam
Teacher : the structure of task one was supposed to be different from you wrote.
*explosions inside, straight face on the outside*

3rd day after exam
*does some simple English tests*
*fails at third of them*
Rationalises : Hey, everyone else have been doing these for the past few months!


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