Best of August 2015

It is an honour for me to present to you yet another monthly favourites post. Yes, it’s back again after the ginormous summer break! So let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Book/Movie.
Probably for the first time in forever we actually have both – a movie and a book.

The movie has to be Vacation, a great comedy directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein. It would be an understatement to say I rarely watch comedies – I am not a fan of them and they all seem to be becoming quite similar with nothing new in them, but this one really did make me smile and even laugh! It was also the appearances of Chris Hemsworth and Norman Reedus that made me absolutely love the film! Though I must admit while the joke was giant Chris’s character’s penis, I was still looking at his wonderful face and oh, those abs!

Now for the book, I’m sticking with the classics. I finally read something, that was recommended to me half a year or so ago. It’s The Improtance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. Again, something that made me smile quite a bit. I loved how stupidly lucky the characters were and how amazingly polite they were as well. I mean, what kind of woman having found out that a man by the same name of her fiancé has proposed to someone else keeps their cool and continues on drinking tea?!

2. WordPress post.
This month it’s Anna Brones with her No-Bake Blueberry Cake Recipe, because who the hell doesn’t like a great cake without the worst part – baking?!

3. Series.

Not much going on in this section, though I have found the joys of rewatching a series I’ve seen bits and pieces of previously. I’m talking about House M.D. As I said I’ve seen quite a few episodes earlier, but now I actually get the whole story and it’s just a lot more smooth and intriguing when you watch every episode, which is quite obvious, but we all know it takes time and nerve to start watching 8 seasons of a show that you already know the ending to.

4. Game/App.

Doesn’t seem like there’s anything too new here, but the new episode ofTales from the Borderlands was utterly incredible with human faces on psychoes, impersonating that guy with great hair, what’s his name? I think it’s Gomez nevermind, I googled, it’s Vasquez, and of course, who could ever forget the epic choice between ruling the Hyperion or being all heroic and declining Handome Jack’s offer?

Also, since I’ve been a little obsessed about Formula 1 and motorsports during the past few years and especially during this 2015 season, I thought I’d give another go for Real Racing 3. And yet again, I was amazed by the amount of incredible real-life tracks they have. When I first tried it a long time ago, I don’t think I there were as much of them. But what surprised me the most was that they included the actual Formula 1 cars, even a modern one, the Ferrari F14 T, which we all know was considered as pretty shitty back in 2014, but it’s still stunning from a player’s point of view!

That’s about it. Anything I missed? Anything you’d like to share or add? Comments are always welcome 😄 now have a great month 🙂


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