Not only vegans eat veggies.

I’ve watched another The Simpsons episode and saw Homer hating on vegetables yet again. This got me thinking – why on Earth would he hate them? Seriously. What kind of stuff are you eating then, my dear Homer? Is it the fake ones, that are usually used as decoration? 😄 Same goes for fruits – according to media, we always prefer a doghnut to a pineapple.
I don’t know if a lot of people hate them or like them worldwide, but I haven’t met a person, who’d say no to a nice, straight-out-of-garden veggie! It’s absolutely natural for our bodies to crave natural food and the vitamins it contains. It’s also true that when your body needs something, it takes it, that’s an instinct. Just like scratching when it itches. So at this point, we have 2 possibilities. A – artificial foods replace all the good stuff that we’d get from natural foods and B – we would like them, but we’re buying the wrong stuff. Now, if A is true, I can only congratulate you on having the best diet in the world, but as it probably isn’t, I find possibility B far more likely. I did a little test. I bought some tomatoes from store and brought some from my grandma’s farm. The first ones, of course, looked better, but they tasted like nothing. Absolute nothing. The ones from my grandma’s tasted very nice though. I don’t think the results surprised you or I said something you haven’t heard before, but really, if you want to start eating healthy or stop eating so much sweets, start buying food from farmers in your local market. I’m sure you’ll like their taste better, thus eat more of the natural foods and less of the artificial ones. Now go eat that *insert a veggie/fruit/berry name here* and be proud of it!


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