Attempt to improve my life #1. Day 2

Hi again,
So, day 2 is here. Did I improve? Uhm.. A bit, I guess. My plan is to do workouts from blogilates for a week and then add jogging to that. Actually, I am thinking some of her workouts are too intense for me, but I guess it doesn’t really get easier than that. So, I was able not to skip half of the workout today (big achievement!), but I expected to feel better than I do. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel like I my health really is improving and I am more energised than I was. It’s just that I was expecting I could be doing workout for more than 10 minutes today and still be able to move, my bad. Consequently, I am starting to doubt that by the end of next week I could go for a 5km jog. However, it’s still inconclusive, since my heart doesn’t really seem to be killing me and I might go for round 2 today 🙂 wish me luck ^_^
Sum up : slower progress than expected.


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