Attempt to improve my life #1. Day 1

Hello there!
Did you miss me? No? Well, I certainly did miss blogging and you 🙂 I don’t want every post to be filled with excuses on why I don’t post, so I’m just going to smoothly move on to the base of this post – I am attempting to make my life better. And my first attempt is doing sports. I haven’t been working out at all for around a year and since my doctors keep saying that I would benefit a lot if I was more active, I thought I would finally give it a go. So, here’s my start and how I feel after it.
As I said, I hadn’t done any type of workout in a whole year, so I figured a great and easy way to start was a doing simple exercise routine. No jogging, no bad-ass moves or gym workouts, just some exercises. I have been subscribed to blogilates for quite a long time now, even though I didn’t really watch her videos, but if I did click on it, it seemed so very fun, I thought it would be a great start for me! Well, it wasn’t. I ended up skipping half of the workout because I kept losing my breath, I couldn’t do push-ups or that move and that other one, you get the idea. Basically, I realised I’m not in a shape to even do that. However, there were some exercises I managed not to fail at. Well, all in all, I felt quite good. I feel as if I actually am improving. Maybe I’m not a professional and can’t do every move, but I surely can try to become better. Also, I feel more energised. Damn it, after the workout I turned on Just Dance (the game)!
Sum up : the start was worse than I expected, but it’s something and I intend to keep doing the best something I can do! (At least for now)


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