A random thought about adulthood

Just wondering if you remember the days when you used to like to get sick just because you could stay home for a day or two. Oh, yes, those were the days! That was  probably when you were a child, right? So, I’ve been thinking – that is the main thing that separates childhood/teenhood from adulthood. Not your age. If you are responsible enough to feel bad when not going to work or school, you are a grown up. That’s when you realise that staying at home = losing something. Whether it’s not getting the money you could have earned, the stuff you could have done or things you could have learnt. Whenever you realise that, it’s when you truly become an adult. And even though the good old days, when you could simply enjoy a week-long vacation just because of a little cough are over, doesn’t being taken seriously feel so much better?! I don’t really know, to be honest. But come on, the other day at work, my manager told me that after seeing how well I did, she believed that non-adults can do stuff too. The thing is that I was the exception. The next girl was just not as responsible. So, I guess I just grew up a bit too early. We’ll see if it’s a good thing or a bad one in the future I guess.


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