Treating addiction (I wish).


I haven’t done this in a while now, but I kind of miss it, so today I’m responding to yet another Daily Post’s prompt: “Placebo Effect.” They suggest to write about an ailment which one would treat if it was inexpensive and harmless or so.

Now, you might (probably not, though) already know that I am quite an often visitor in the doctors’ offices. You would probably think I’d treat some of those things why I was there, but no. Today I feel more creative than that (not really) – I would treat addictions. Any addiction there is. I’m not necessarily talking about drugs or alcohol, I am also including those women, who love perfume more than anything, those people, who love their jobs too much and every other form of addiction existing. What’s wrong with buying a few bottles of perfume a month, you’ll ask. Well, the line between two and three bottles is quite thin and so is the one between three and four and so on. The thing is that after some time of buying it because you really love the smell, one will buy more and more, just because that becomes a norm. One doesn’t do it, because he/she likes it, but because that is what others expect from you – to be some sort of expert and from then on you can’t just stop. You would disappoint society completely. What I meant was that addiction makes us lose our minds, buy and use things that we would never need. And I do believe that losing your mind is worse than epilepsy, migrene or a lot of other deseases, so I do wish we had preventions for that.

Just a thought – would a placebo work? I mean, it is a phsycological thing, I guess, but I kind of doubt it, we would simply make it a norm just like they currently are in our everyday lives.


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