Translated movies.

If you live in a non-English country, you know my pain. I love watching movies, I really do. But never have I ever realised how painful it is to watch an English movie in other language. For instance, yesterday I was very excited to watch The Dark Knight Rises again! I mean, the sass of Joker, the crazyness, the everything! It’s so incredible. But what a bummer it was to watch it in Lithuanian. I didn’t even wait  till the end, because it was so frustrating not to hear It’s simple. We kill Batman. I was and still am quite angry. I can’t believe they said that in Lithuanian with no passion or insanity at all! I always thought the commercials was the reason why I hated movies on telly, but now, after having watched most of them in the original language, I realise that it’s not them at all. It’s that the people who translate and read the text are not actors, but ordinary people. Actually, when I think about it, it’s not only English, but Russian as well. I mean, what would  Наша Russia or Кухня (sorry if my spelling is bad, I haven’t practised Russian in years) be if we watched it in some ither language? Nothing. It wouldn’t even be funny probably, just some stupid dressed people talking stuff or some drama happening, that’s it. So, yes, the translation and reading of movies as to what it is today, is not making, but definitely breaking it.


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