The troubles of trying to study in the UK.

I am planning to study in the UK. I have always loved the culture, the language and oh the accent! So, I do wish to live in UK later, in the future and I figured studying there would give me the opportunity to get a proper job and all. I might have been wrong though. First of all, the amount money you pay to university is too damn high!(I tried… using the meme.. no one got it? Oh, okay, I’ll just continue) I mean, £9000 a year?! That is a lot (I’ll do the math here, if you study 3 years it’s £27000 and if it’s four then £36000 in all). However, they do give tuition fee loans to EU students, so that kind of solves the problem, right? Not too bad so far. Moving on to the second, is the amount of money it takes to actually get by there. I come from quite a poor country and we cannot afford to pay £500 a month. But I guess I could manage that somehow, by living in a cheaper place and working and asking for a bit from my parents. But I cannot pay that sum half a year in advance! Lastly, they are thinking of leaving the EU, which would mean me having to pay the mentioned £9000 myself + some other fee, which is exactly what people from not EU need to pay. So, dear Britain, if you want less immigrants, who steal and more of those, who raise your economy and pay taxes, stop being such an arsehole and at least give us loans! Oh, and to everyone thinking about studying there as well, consider this – it will take a lot of money.


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