Happy International Workers’ Day

As you might know today is International Workers Day. Congratulations if you’re celebrating. Most of us aren’t. The 1st of May, which has been a big celebration in any USSR country back when it existed, is just another free day on the calendar nowadays. I mean, nothing is happening really. Just like on other celebration days, when no one actually celebrates. We just sit around and eat or sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I like doing that, but instead of all of those separate days, they could simply give us a week of holidays. Now wouldn’t that be nice? And there wouldn’t be a lot of people, who mind, because really, these days are not real celebrations. Maybe at some point they were like the 1st of May in USSR, but today, at least in Lithuania, no one seems to be giving a shit about that. So yea,  have a nice lazy day today or go celebrate. It’s worth doing that for working hard everyday. Just like it’s worth celebrating on every other weekend.


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