Best of April 2015


One more month has passed. Oh, how quickly the time passes! Anyway, I want to apologise to anyone who noticed (probably no one, but I’ll put that there just in case :D) and to me myself for not posting as much as I should have throughout this month, but let’s just get to the best of April.

1. Book/Movie

This is a bit unexpected to me, but my favourite book this month was Fairy Tales by Wilhelm Hauff. I only read it because it was related to one of the poems I’ve been reading for school and to be honest, I was surprised. I didn’t think fairy tales could be this interesting. Oh and I loved the little touch of horror in some of them. Maybe it was because I didn’t expect it at all, but it fascinated me.

2. WordPress post

This month I wasn’t really on wordpress a lot, so I didn’t really read anything that really influenced me, but I did find this awesome photo on Encouraging Life. I’m not really sure (and too lazy to google), but I believe it was Michelangelo who painted that (or some other Renaissance master). I really like that symmetrical, but not really view in this picture, you know what I mean.

3. Series

Game. Of. Thrones. Finally! The internet has been dying so long for this new season and it’s finally here! Well, I mean, four episodes got leaked. That means something. And by something I mean we love it. Well, to be honest, I’m good as long as Jon Snow is alive.

4. App/Game

Nothing new in this front really, but I have heard that GTA V for PC is finally out, but I was busy doing something (I don’t really know what to be honest) and wasn’t able to play it yet…

P.S. Hopefully, I’ll be more productive during May and be able to talk a bit more about the best of the month. I am really sorry for being so lazy this past month.


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