The struggle of waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

If you would have asked me a year later if I liked visiting doctors, I would have said yes. No doubt. But things have changed and today it’s just annoying. It’s not that I’m afraid of doctors or their offices. I don’t even mind anything they might say! But what I do hate is the amount of time that it takes. I mean, waiting for some doctors to finally see you takes incredibly long! I was supposed to see an endocrinologist the other day. Guess how long I waited… 3 hours! Three. Freaking. Hours. Like what the heck? And all of that just because of 15 minutes talk! It’s quite incredible how one chooses to waste 4 hours (if you include the time it takes to wait for a bus and travel from A to B) just to have a few minutes talk with someone. Okay, that someone had studied for 10 years and they work really hard and some unexpected thing happen throughout the day, but hey, does it really have to take so long? Couldn’t someone just call or text you and say ‘hello, the line is very long today, so you could come and wait for a few hours, but if you want,  we can save a place for you tomorrow. Good? You don’t want to waste half a day just sitting in the waiting room and looking at our floors? Great. See you tomorrow. ‘ I don’t want to sound like an arsehole,  but I’ve heard the phrase ‘can’t they do more during one appointment? My kid has to skip classes because of this!’ 3 times this week. I don’t necessarily utterly agree with what they say and I understand that you can’t get everything for free, but it would be nice if they could call you and simply tell you to come an hour later than originally planned. In case you’re wondering, yes, I am writing this post while waiting in the sitting room and no, I’m not annoyed or irritated at all by this. Just sayin’..


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