A few thoughts after completing my first order

Last week me and one of my friends got an order – to paint a wolf for one teacher’s friend’s child (or something like that). Anyway, we had only a week to complete it and today is the day we finish! We’re not utterly satisfied with the product, but it was our first one and I’m still happy, but here’s some things I’ve learned :
1. Ask a lot. We tried doing this  but ended up having only a couple of requirements, I guess we should have refused to do it without enough information on what they wanted.
2. Talk directly to the person you are delivering to. Information tends to get diferrenciated when it passes more people’s minds and as a result you end up not really knowing what to do. So my advice is to always contact the person, who is buying.
3. Do a lot of sketching. We are  not really the people who usually do it and frankly, it’s usually not as impulsive and interesting if you do a sketch, but the thing about painting for someone is that they don’t necessarily imagine everything the same way you do and that could result in them not being satisfied with the overall product.
4. If they are not offering you enough time or you are planning to be busy throughout that time, politely decline the offer. You’ll save some stress and someone else will get an opportunity, so that’s a win-win!
5. Have your style developed before doing things like this and have a portfolio. You don’t have to have it fully developed, but you must be in process of doing so. In that case people would simply know what to expect from you. Also, always have an e-portfolio of your works in your cloud, you never know when you are going to need it. Now good luck becoming a successful artist (meant that in non-sarcastic way, if you’re wondering)


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