One more respond to The Daily Post’s prompt –Tagline. We see them on pretty much every company. It’s a phrase that makes you remember the brand.But what if people had them? It would be awesome to meet a person and instantly know what kind of person he/she is, what references can you do and stuff like that. A bit like Watchdogs, when you think about it. But what would you write?

There are so many things to consider. For example, that everyone you meet is going to see it, including your grandma. So what would be the words that would reflect one, but would be okay to see to everyone. Now that I think about it, what would all the grandparents write? When a teen or young adult writes on one’s blog something like ‘Just hanging on a tree, sharing my thoughts’, that’s okay, but if a grandma did so, that would seem quite weird, wouldn’t it? You’d think the mentioned grandma is insane. Double standards, I guess.. Anyway, back to me (not selfish at all, just saying). So what would my tagline be? I mean I could go with ‘the eat-it-all’ or something like that, but my family wouldn’t approve it at all. (They don’t think I eat enough because I’m skinny). So I guess I’d have to go with something like ‘I’m not angry, I just have a resting bitchface’. Oh, that would actually be so convenient! Can you image? People might not even be afraid to come talk to me!


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