9 thoughts that crosses one’s mind while ill.

These past few days I’ve been feeling quite awful, so I decided to remind all of you, healthy people, the phases of being sick.
1. Oh my Gosh, this is the worst! I need to do so many things at work/school!
2. Wait, I can watch Netflix all day? Awesome!
3. Oh dear, I feel so bad! I should really call my doctor.
4. Oh, I feel a whole lot better! I will not need that medicine the doctor named after all!
5. I take my words back. Give. me. painkillers.
6. I have slept 10 hours today and I’m still lethargic.
7. Okay, this is getting boring… I really want to do sth.. Miss my job/school and co-workers/classmates so much…
8. *feels good again, texts everyone that is planning to come to work tomorrow*
9. *starts feeling worse than at first* Well, shit.


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