Part of my life as told by a legend.

Another monday means another post inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt. This week it’s Ghostwriter. Basically meaning what author, dead or alive, would you like to write your biography. I’ve been thinking for a while now and I have read so many amazing authors’ books and I would like to say someone young, new and unknown, like most hipster bloggers would, but honestly, I feel like I have to choose Edgar Allan Poe. I wouldn’t want a documentary book. I’d like it to be like his other novels – really creative and have that nice mix of horror, detective and fantasy. Now if you’d wish to know, I think the main plot would be something like this.
I was visiting my friend Vakarė, who has been thought to be going mad. When I got there I saw her face sadder than ever, no stupid jokes, silly dances, not even annoying songs! Most people would have thought it was a miracle if it was not her miserable face. Then there would be told a mistery about my creepy old house or obssesion with animals, maybe some story of me sleepwalking or talking in my sleeps and others thinking I’m possesed or something. In the end it would seem that I was doing an experiment on whether I could live without internet for a month or something like that. Or it could be an investigation of my murder, but in the end everyone would realise I died of laughter.
Yup. And now we wait for someone to create a movie like that. 😀


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