9 reasons to learn French


I’ve been learning French for half a year now and I figured I’d share with you the reasons why I do it. Allons-y, shall we?

1. It sounds amazing! Just say it…omelette du fromage.. hear how nice it sounds? That’s what I’m talking about.

2. You can speak to French people. I mean, style, great wine and cheese. What else would you ever need?

3. It’s quite similar to English. You would only need to learn verbs and tenses, okay, maybe some other words as well, but really there are a lot of similarities.

4. It is quite a bit like Spanish as well (at least so it seems to me). So after learning French you can be a bad ass polyglot and learn Spanish as well!

5. Just knowing that you can speak the language that Napoleon, Louis XIV, Hugo, Voltaire and other great french people were talking feels pretty awesome, to be honest..

6. Edgar Allan Poe. I was interested in French earlier, but reading his stories makes you feel like learning French could make you a better, more intelligent person.

7. You can travel through Europe knowing that either using English or French (okay, you’d need some knowledge of Russian if going to East) you are going to buy whatever you want and find whatever you need and talk to that hot person wherever you are.

8. Tutorial books are very nice. We’ve been learning from a few of them and they all have these super stylish, nice looking pictures and great articles that are so very inviting. It might be something else, but why only French tutorials are that cute? Why not English or Russian?

9. Just changing your daily yes to oui, no to non and let’s go to allons-y is going to be one of those things that will make you a little more special.


4 Replies to “9 reasons to learn French”

  1. Hi there, are you learning French as a hobby or intensively? I started learning Portuguese this year intensively – and oh my goodness it’s hard. There’s a french class next door and in both classes, we students complain bitterly about the grammar! I’ll give another thumbs up for Duo Lingo… although I found it more useful after a few weeks learning in a classroom! Good luck with your continued passion for language learning! 🙂

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    1. At first I was learning it as a hobby on Duolingo, but then when academic year started I took up the lesson and now I’m learning it intensively. About the grammar, I think it really depends on a teacher. For instance, our teacher explains it in a very understandable way, but then again, it might be because of the fact that we’re learning in Lithuanian, not English. However, knowing English lets us translate most of the texts without knowing exactly what one french word or another means, because we find words like ‘Nicolas invite Valerie a la piscine’ and there’s a picture of them at the pool, so I guess tutorial books do quite a bit of influence as well. I remember when I was learning Russian, our books would be quite old and the topics wouldn’t be very interesting. So, all in all, you mustn’t think like : I have to be a pro at this language. All you need is the basics, I’m sure, eventually, grammar will make sense. (And hopefully one day I’ll make sense out of french numerals.) Anyway, good luck to you too while learning Portuguese.

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  2. It is very exciting to learn a new language 🙂 I think Spanish and French are similar because they are both Italic languages (or whatever family of languages it is, they both belong to it). English, on the other hand, is a culmination of different families of languages – so it could sound pretty much any language (except Slavic, I’m guessing?).

    Anyway, try DuoLingo on your phone/tablet or check them out online. I’d say it’s not that helpful for the people who have NO idea at all how the French language (or any of the languages they offer) works. It’s pretty good for those with basic knowledge and it makes it more fun to learn 🙂

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