My thoughts on some places.


Today I write inspired by The Daily Post’s prompt Places. We’re having holidays in a couple weeks, so I thought it would be a great time for me to remember usual places I visit during holidays and share my thoughts on them.


What I expect – Ah, great! Fresh air, nice sounds, a moment of solitary..

When I get there – These bugs are soooo annoying! Oh dear, is that a snake?!!


What I expect – Tanning and great time!

When I get there – Well, don’t I look like a crab?

City centre.

What I expect – Shopping and meeting new people! Exciting!

When I get there – *Can’t breathe because of air pollution.* But I get free wifi so I got that going for me, which is nice.


What I expect – Nice air, fresh vegetables, great place to go jogging and enjoy silence..

When I get there – *Wakes up exhausted.* Why does that rooster have to scream so f***ing loud?!!

Next to some sort of pond.

What I expect – Relaxing with your friends, maybe having some snacks, just having nice time, you know.

When I get there – Okay, I won’t go any further. *somebody talks into going a bit further* Oh dear, I think I am drowning.!!!!!


4 Replies to “My thoughts on some places.”

  1. This is hilarious! You are spot on with these assessments. I have the same tendency to romanticize places I plan to go and do nothing but complain once I arrive. You just can’t please a human, can you?


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